Suspended Balloons

Carrollton TX


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Black & White Chandeliers lighted  Chandeliers at Market Hall Neon Balloon Chandelier Chandeliers at Ft. Worth Convention Ctr 2012 Taper Balls with ribbons Swags & Chandeliers Starpoint Chandelier Silver and Gold Mini Chandeliers with small puff ball Shooting Star Taper Balls on the Patio at Vee Lounge Grand Opening 2 Color Starpoint Chandelier B  1 Starpoint Dangling Divider Grape Cluster Chandeliers in Primary Colors Really Pop! Color block agates and white with 260's Balloon Chandelier - Meals on Wheels Denton Extra Long Icicles from McKamy Graduation Curved Column with Balloon Chandelier topper 3ft Pearl Ivory Filigree Polka dot suspended design Taper Ball with ribbons Starpoint and 260 Chandeliers stage view Chandelier with Holographic Curve Accent Balloon Chihuly Glass Interpretation Colorful Topiaries Link-o-loons and curves in swag suspended Baseball Themed Swags, view 2 Chandeliers at House of Blues Balloon Topiaries & Tulle define dance floor area Starpoint & 260 Chandeliers Diamond Theme - suspended swags with diamondz accents Orange Chandeliers Swirl Stack with foil balloon

Balloon Facts:

Suspended Balloons are a great way to get more decor for less money!  With the continuing helium shortage and soaring prices, air filled balloon decor may soon be the only option.  We can hang balloons from any ceiling that has metal attachment points or a fixture we can suspend balloons from like a rafter or beam.  Suspended balloons are air filled and can look good for days!  Almost any design can work as suspended decor – from topiary balls to megaloon letters and numbers and even balloon walls.  Can’t find what you are looking for? Give us a call  (469-549-1404) or email us ( We will be glad to bring your ideas to life by creating unique balloon decor just for you!

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